iTunes Chart-Topping Album from MOBO Award Nominated & BEFFTA Award Winners, Sam Adebanjo & DTWG (Desire To Worship God)"


Sam Adebanjo (BA Honours) also known as Sam & Desire to Worship God is a seasoned motivational speaker, Afrogospel and Contemporary Gospel singer, songwriter with passion to transforms lives, he is a business visionary and CEO of Gospel Touch, has featured on BBC, ITV and Channel 4, BET, TBN and have been nominated for the MOBO Awards. Sam has worked alongside projects with Micheal Jordan, President Barack Obama, Trevor McDonald, Sport Relief, Master Card, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay. As a CEO and entrepreneur, he has motivated and assisted many in developing their purpose, and creating the life of their dreams while doing what they love. Sam is a living testament to the surety and to the faithfulness of God.

The once homeless, victim of gang violence, has transformed his life by channeling and pursuing his passion for music, God and business. He has turned his passion into a quantifiable living and is sharing his story to help make the world a better place. Sam would like to impart his story so anyone, with the help of God, wise counsel, determination and a little assurance, can accomplish enormity just like he has. The words in in songs and books are the result of sweat, tears, God’s grace and consistency throughout the years. He trusts his story will motivate and that it will help the journey of others to be even more expedient than his own.

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